Chi Mangia Bene, Vive Bene

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We start by combining fresh peeled garlic with carrots that have been coarsely chopped.
Then, with a very large immersion blender, we mix them with the extra virgin olive oil.
Our sauces are cooked just like Grandma Angie does, except our pot is just a little bigger. This is a 60 gallon steam kettle that provides heat on all sides, not just on the bottom.
The mixture is added to the kettle, along with the chopped onions.
To ensure that the carrots and onions are nice and soft, we cook them for about an hour.
Then, we add all of our herbs and spices.
Cooking for about half an hour allows the herbs to toast and release their flavors.
Next, the tomatoes are added to the kettle. We use San Marzano style tomatoes from California that are pureed just before adding to the kettle.
Like Grandma Angie's tradition, this sauce is cooked for several hours. It is tasted every so often to make sure the final product is what Grandma Angie intended.
The finished sauce is moved into a large hopper that feeds the bottling machine.
This holds several gallons at a time and uses compressed air to fill the bottles.
The empty bottles are loaded on a turntable that feeds the machine one at a time.
A conveyor belt brings the jars under the fillers, where...
...two jars at a time are filled.
A lid is attached manually and the jars are transferred to another conveyor.
The second conveyor takes the jars through the machine that tightens the lids, ensuring a good seal.
They are taken off the conveyor and allowed to cool on top of giant fans. The cooling causes the lid to "suck down" thereby completing the sealing process.
Once they are cool, they are sent through the labeler, which makes sure each and every label is even, straight and completely applied.
Finally, they are put into cases and ready to send to Farmer's Markets, retail stores, distributors and our internet facility.

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